Live Sunday Services are re-open from 9th August!
10.30am - 11.30am


We are so pleased to be able to reopen for worship and prayer,  fellowship, hearing the Word of God and celebrating communion. 

Due to the continuing risk of contracting COVID there will be significant differences and requirements.  This will require your cooperation in order to properly care for and protect one other.  Below are details of how things will work: 


1.  TICKETS WILL BE REQUIRED.  Available at:

or find link on our Facebook page, or Whatsapp group

2.  NO PARKING.  Unless you have mobility issues.  Please park on the street or behind the Westley Arms Hotel (with permission).


3.  ONE WAY SYSTEM.  We must all practice social distancing whilst on the premises.  Entry is one-way through the car park and the top door.  We will need your contact details as you enter for track and trace.  Exit is past the loos and out the front door.   Place holders at 2m will ensure you can safely queue. Stewards will help and have anti-bacterial hand gel available for you.  Loo visits will slot into the one way system.


4.  MASKS ARE REQUIRED.  Whilst in the building, masks are mandatory.  This is to ensure we can reduce the risk but at the same time still sing together during worship. 


5.  BE SEATED WHENEVER POSSIBLE.  This is to help us to practice social distancing and prevent the risk of spreading infection.  Seats are all 2m apart.  It is especially important for parents to retain control of any children.   Individually named Kid’s Church craft packs will be made available every week for use during the service. 


6.  COMMUNION WILL BE SHARED.  You are welcome to bring your own elements, a small pop bottle and piece of bread if that would make you feel more comfortable.  We will also hygienically prepare bread and juice and keep each portion separate.  Each row will be asked to come forward one at a time.  Tithes and offering will be collected at the same time. 


7.  NO REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE.  We do want to return to a time of fellowship as soon as possible but unfortunately the kitchen will not be accessible during the service.  Please bring a drink with you. 


8.  WE HOPE AND PRAY YOU ENCOUNTER GOD TOGETHER!  We realise that these restrictions may serve as distractions and are not ideal.  We hope they will not be necessary one day but for the time being they are necessary to keep everyone safe.  Don’t let them stop you coming together to fellowship, to serve one another, to hear the Word of God, and to Worship Jesus who is before all things and in Him all things hold together.  To Him be glory for ever and ever.  Amen.


Pastor Terry