Are you a new Christian or exploring

the Christian faith?



We want church to be a place where you can ask questions.   We aim to be a place where we learn together, we grow together and we inspire one another.  See below for a flavour of what we do at different times during the year.








We regularly run Alpha courses which are a great introduction to the Christian faith.  We usually run the Student Alpha course which is 7 weeks long and held on an evening of about 2 hours.  It also involves a special day retreat and an opportunity to ask any questions you have over a meal before we watch a DVD with teaching.  If you want to watch the material online you can find it here: The Alpha Course

First Steps is a book of basic Bible studies that is available at no cost from the Pastor.  We use this book sometimes in one on one meetings helping and inspiring each other or alone as a tool for giving us some basic information about being a Christian.  It has Bible studies on Becoming a Christian, what it means to be a Child of God, forgiveness, communion, the Holy Spirit, praying, living in victory, the future  and mission among other topics.  It's a great start to your journey as a new Christian.

How many of us find that we can be lost in worship of Jesus on a Sunday but by Friday the rough and tumble of life has left us feeling we’ve been tripped up again by our old bad habits and negative thinking?   If you want to see the promises in the Bible lived out in your life from Sunday through to Sunday then you’ll love this course!






The Freedom in Christ course is a thirteen week course designed to help you take hold of the amazing truth about who you are as a follower of Christ. If you wouldn’t call yourself a follower of Christ, or you’re not sure yet, then we’d recommend you try the Alpha course first.   Jesus said that "you will experience for yourselves the truth, and the truth will free you." John 8:32 and that’s what this course is all about: Learning, understanding and experiencing God’s truth, applying it to our lives, and walking free from the hurts & habits that hold us back.  Each week we’ll watch a DVD and then discuss  how to apply what we’ve learned to our lives.  The Course is 12 weeks long with a special retreat day containing teaching and an opportunity to put into practice some biblical principles designed to lead you into freedom.


If you don't first know God's love for you in your heart - not just your head - it's impossible for your life to be motivated by love for Him. Instead you are likely to end up motivated more by guilt or shame or fear or pride. You may be doing all the "right" things, believing all the right things and saying all the right things but there will be precious little fruit and you won't experience the true rest that Jesus promised.

The Grace Course is a tool for churches to help Christians recover their first love for God so that they go on to love others and make a great impact on the world. Its objective is to enable Christians to experience God's grace in such a deep and real way that love for Him becomes the main motivator in their lives.

Find your role in the body of Christ. When you know and use your spiritual gifts, you can participate in the ministry God created for you. It will be fruitful and fulfilling. Serving others will be exciting. This practical book contains four assessments: *personal experience *character traits *ministry convictions and *others' observations. Together, they will help you identify your spiritual gifts.  An additional assessment allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your ministry and whether your ministry employs your gifts. A valuable tool for small groups, this book gives insight into all of the spiritual gifts, what each one contributes, and how they complement each other.