We believe that the Bible strongly encourages committed followers of Jesus to give.  We are called to be good stewards of what God has given us and we are called to be generous with what we have.  As we commit to serving God in this way we believe that through good stewardship and generous giving we prepare the ground for God to work in us and through us.  We do not give to get but when we give to give, we receive so much more from a God who is extravagant towards us in more ways than we can imagine. 




We believe that it is the responsibility of every Christian to regularly give into their local church in order to fund the running and vision of the church.  The Old Testament talks of tithing (10 percent of income), the New Testament would speak of giving everything to God. We do not take a legalistic view on tithing, believing that each person must Scripturally and prayerfully decide for themselves.




We believe that there may be occasions when special needs arise where the church should be encouraged to give over and above that which is being tithed, as was the case recorded in 2 Corinthians 8 and 9.


Philippians 4:10-20 records how Christians supported a ministry not directly related to their local church. Again, these gifts were given over and above tithing.




In various parts of the Scriptures it speaks of our responsibility to individuals who are in need and we believe, on an individual basis, that it is right to give into these situations over and above tithing [James 2:15-16].



If you want to contribute to what God is doing through the ministries of this church and to help fund the various spiritual and pastoral support provided, you can give directly into our bank account via Standing Order. Our bank details are:

Acocks Green Christian Centre



If you prefer smartphone giving for convenience please download the Givt app from their website, the Play store or the App store and use the QR code below.

If you are are a UK taxpayer please don't forget to claim Gift Aid.  It means we can claim an extra 25% on top of your offering.  

Thank you for your support.  

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