Are you new to this church?



We understand that you may have a few questions

about our church as you make the decision whether

or not to visit us in person.  Here are 10 questions

we are commonly asked about our church services:



1. Where and when do you meet?
We meet every Sunday at 10:30am   Click here for a map

and to get directions.    In addition we have midweek

meetings that meet in various places across the local


2. What should I wear when I visit?
We are a contemporary church, so we dress in an informal manner.  We are more concerned about you being comfortable and relaxed than the clothes you wear!  Some of our church members prefer to dress more casually on Sundays and some want to wear their Sunday best, feel free to wear what makes you most comfortable.

3. What do you do during your services?
We believe your relationship with God is important.  While "church" often gives an impression of robes, holy water, choirs and pipe organs, you will not find any of these at Acocks Green Christian Centre.  We work to present our services in a creative and fresh way that encourages you on your journey to know God.  Our services have contemporary music with a live band and relevant teaching.  If you have school aged children, they will be looked after and have a fun time at our Kids Church; for parents with children aged 0-5 we provide crèche with opportunity to watch service on the monitor
.  All children's teachers are fully DBS checked. 

4. When does your church celebrate communion?
Generally speaking at every service except our family and all ages service which is held once every other month.

5. Do I have to give money when I visit?
Giving tithes and offerings is for those who are part of the church community and is a great way in which to serve and worship God.   You are our guest - we want you to sit back and receive, not feel compelled to give!  In fact, the Bible tells us "don't give reluctantly or in response to pressure." (2 Corinthians 9:7). Unless you would like to make an offering, when the giving time in our service happens, feel free to pass the offering bag on.

6. What is the music like at your church?
We are a contemporary church with modern music.  

During the praise and worship time, many people will

stand and sing, raise their arms, or clap.  This is a way

that some people like to express themselves and

worship God.  If you feel comfortable, feel free to join

in, or simply stay seated and enjoy the music!

7. Do I have to do anything during your services?
During the service, we sometimes give out a

chocolate bar if it's your first time visiting us to

welcome you!   We like to bless people with chocolate to celebrate a special occasion or birthday too! 

Sometimes during our services we also want to provide the opportunity for people to become Christians, or to renew their faith in Christ.  During this time, if you would like to make one of these commitments, we will ask that you briefly raise your hand as an acknowledgement of this.  As a matter of courtesy and privacy, we ask that no one looks around or talks during this time – it is a matter between you and God.  If you do make either of these decisions and raise your hand, a leader will pray a prayer which many others will pray also, and we encourage you to join in (either out loud or silently).  If  you have made the commitment to become a Christian for the first time, we would love to meet with you and answer any questions you may have!  If you do not feel ready to make such a commitment, that's absolutely fine – please sit back, relax, and enjoy the service.

8. What kind of programmes do you run for children?
If you have children, we run Kid's Church during the service which is a group from Reception Year to Year 6 (Ages 5-11).  Older kids can stay too with crafts and teaching material more suited to their age group.  For parents with children aged 0-5 we provide crèche with opportunity to watch service on the monitor
. All our volunteers are DBS checked and work really hard to allow the kids to have fun and learn in a creative and dynamic environment.  

9. How long do your services go on for?
Our Sunday morning service is currently just over an hour.   After each 

service  we have tea and coffee and would love the opportunity to meet

you in person – if you are pressed for time, just let us know your details,

and we will be happy to catch up with you at a time that suits you


10. Do I need to bring a Bible with me when I visit?
We believe in the authority of the Bible and we engage with the Bible

in our messages. If you have a Bible and would like to bring it with you, 

feel free – but it is certainly not mandatory.  In saying that, if you do not 

have a Bible and would like one, please ask as we have a great version

of the New Testament to get you started at no cost.




It is our hope that this website will give you a taste of who we are.  If you have any other questions, please let us know by email through the Find Us page of this site.  Hopefully see you at church!