Our Vision and Values


Our vision is to be a community of people (a church) that moves forward in our lives, valuing our relationships with each other and our relationship with God above everything else in life.  We want to experience God and to see Him do amazing things in us as we learn to love each other and to love God.  We want to be an example to the wider community around us by living a different kind of life that means we build each other up and we see some of the promises God makes become reality in our lives.  We want to see the freedom that Jesus brings visible in the lives of the church.  We want to see healing and wholeness, not just in the church but in our community.  We believe that when the local church models this way of living it is the hope of the world. 



We are a family :  We support one another  : We spend time together





We seek God  :  We celebrate Jesus  :  We enjoy His presence





We learn from one another  :  We grow together  :  We inspire one another





We discover our gifts :  We serve God  :  We all work together





We serve the community :  We make a difference : We share good news